Why am i not a vegan even when i want to?

Simple… I can’t afford it! I live in Mexico!….

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Sometimes i REALLY wish i could explain my boss (and the whole world) that once in a while i needp people to have patience with me.
Because my brain can’t process everything together sometimes.
I wish i could just wear a tshirt that says “yo! i have issues!!” so people would be a little more understanding.

But i know is not going to happen, and if it does… the answer won’t be the expected one.
Or maybe yes….

And things would be the same, just the same. Just like they are.

Nothing changes… as usual.



For some reason i don’t understand… ok i do
i Do not like Wednesdays o,o

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Happy Birthday Monterrey!

My blog is not even near famous or anything and I get no comments at all. Oh well, I barely write here, what can I say? I’m lazy, and I really don’t have much time. And most of the times I feel I have nothing to write about.
So I decided…I will try to write more, and I will write about…. NOTHING!

ALSO! I still have to post the Junsu con “account” wich! I actually wrote but, got busy, didn’t post blablabla…


Today is September 20th! Is Monterrey’s birthday!

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Random things about my designer life

* I can write/speak html, css, php and some java
* I don’t like making logos
* I’m totally and strictly against music on websites (and flash intros agh =/)
* Less is more… really, trust me, it is, you don’t want to confuse people
* I can make glass in vectors!
* I’m good at photoshop. Once i created an arm for a kid in a very bad photo!
* I can’t (REALLY) work is someone is staring at me.
* Web design was never my 1st choice of “major” in design.
* I don’t know how to make animated gifs.
* I don’t use (and had never used) Dreamweaver, i type code!
* 90% of what i know about web, is self-learned
* I have no idea how does Photoshop in spanish even look like (fellow designers ask me stuff and i go like “O_______o blur?………”)
* I don’t like Corel Draw… but i use it a lot at work.
* I’m also a photographer
* I suck at publicitary redaction, you know all those slogans blabla
* I LOVE fonts
* Black backgrounds are a no no
* Vintage graphics and a gradient background can save your life anytime!
* I’ve used Jpop and Kpop stuff on ads, websites and no one notices it!

* I Love design! i knew i wanted to do this since i was 12 years old.

Junsu.Mx / re-count September 5th 2012

Today 1 year ago…

so i wanted to “remember” how it was my “Junsu MX experience” considering is the “1 year anniversary” since that.

Hopefully….. i still remember a lot of stuff.

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yes! this is a Xia Junsu dream!

Ok so i haven’t write in here AGES! centuries maybe idk idc!

An i only come back to write “my idiotic jyj dreams” … fail xD
Anyway, i wanted to write this dream down because it was so silly so cute so oh god! can i go back to it!??

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So long

Well, once again, i haven’t come here in A LONG TIME!…

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My Abuelo and Big Bang

I wanted to talk about the “kpop” thingie/event i went on sunday…
but i need pics and the videos i got XD so later…

So, after this “kpop/dancing” event (in where my friend U sang a beautiful song and looked beautiful and sexy!) we went to T’s place to watch a Big Bang concert.

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(Movie Review) FrankenWeenie

“I don’t want him in my heart. I want him here with me.”
Victor Frankenstein

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